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14 Hilarious Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

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Spelling errors, grammar mistakes, punctuation misuse, and an overreliance on technology have all resulted in some pretty serious proofreading disasters. Smarty pants like us see these “fails” and shake our heads wondering, “How did no one notice that?”

Whenever we see grammar mistakes, misplaced punctuation, and spelling snafus online or in our local grocery store, we cringe. But then we remember that’s why we’re here. The world needs proofreaders like us to save them from these eyesores. #jobsecurityforlife

That being said, we do enjoy a good laugh! Here are some of the most hilarious grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes we’ve ever seen. Sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh!

(BTW, have you ever struggled to spell hilarious? It trips me up sometimes!)

Quotation Marks Gone Wrong

9 hilarious grammar mistakes that’ll make you chuckle (or want to tear your hair out!)

So… aliens?

These are classic examples of quotation mark misuse! The unnecessary quotation marks on the sign, we have come to expect. Your guess is as good as mine as to why this punctuation issue almost always happens on signs.

hilarious grammar mistake

Love the sentiment, but it’s ok to just call them kids.

This is another example of quotation marks making us question the situation. Are they not really kids? Are they like gremlins that change if you get them wet or feed them after midnight?

X hilarious grammar mistakes that’ll make you chuckle (or want to tear your hair out!)

The unnecessary quotation marks on the magazine cover? Shame on them! Apparently, they had their reasons for using quotation marks, but they probably should have given it a bit more thought.

X hilarious grammar mistakes that’ll make you chuckle (or want to tear your hair out!)

We really hope this isn’t from the English teacher!

We don’t want to bash teachers here because they work very hard. But somebody, whether it’s their parents or their teachers, needs to show kids the right ways to use an apostrophe. This cute book will help young kids learn about punctuation through fun rhyming poems.

This type of apostrophe misuse bothers us so much that we made it rule #1 in our how not to use an apostrophe blog post!

punctuation mistake

A few commas could have saved so many people from holding their bladders all the way home…

If you want to avoid comma pet peeves, we’ve created the perfect blog post for you!

Homophones Can Be So Tricky!

X hilarious grammar mistakes that’ll make you chuckle (or want to tear your hair out!)

Homophones are tricky! They’re pronounced alike but have different meanings and spelling.

Mixing up they’re, their, and there is one of the most common homophone mistakes. If you find yourself needing to explain it to someone, here’s the difference:

  • There = that place
  • Their = belongs to them
  • They’re = contraction of “they are”
grammar mistake

Sometimes we also don’t recognize our learning, but this is just plain sad.

Got kids? Buy them this book! It’s an EXCELLENT choice for kids and adults alike. You’re guaranteed to learn something you didn’t already know about soundalike words!

No Spelling Bee Winners Here…

X hilarious grammar mistakes that’ll make you chuckle (or want to tear your hair out!)

What meanie told this person not to have a great day?! Ignore the hater and have an AWESOME day!

We have to admit “definitely” is a tricky word to spell. It’s one of those words you just have to sound out in your head as you spell it.

Ummm... You may want to rethink that, Mr. Chicken.

Ummm… You may want to rethink that, Mr. Chicken.

We think he would have had second thoughts if he’d known what was coming next!

X hilarious grammar mistakes that’ll make you chuckle (or want to tear your hair out!)

There’s a threat to the Christmas spirit! And it’s not cheap!

grammar mistake

Did she consent to that?

Thankfully, there are so many kinds of writing software online to help you avoid spelling issues like these! Check out the Pro Writing Aid and never mistake “wife” and “wifi” again!

You Should Have Had Someone Proofread That…

X hilarious grammar mistakes that’ll make you chuckle (or want to tear your hair out!)

This one cracks us up! We can forgive the typo in the word “birthday,” but what were they thinking when they iced the words “Mark with The Sea”!

grammar mistakes

While we agree that everyone deserves a little recognition, we think that Veteran’s Day is a bit more specific.

Yikes! Here’s a bonus one we couldn’t leave out.

Ok, maybe this one wasn’t too funny for the recipient who endured the pain to get this back tattoo, but we do hope they have a sense of humor. Hopefully, if you’re seeking a tattoo, you’ll find a 5-star tattoo shop you can trust with your permanent ink.

Our Take

Word nerds unite! We love sharing my word nerdiness with you guys! Not many people out there get as hot and bothered as we do about grammar, so it’s fun to have a safe place to share our grammar woes. We could use a few more of us in the world, right?!

Your Turn

Do you have a grammar or punctuation pet peeve? Share it with us in the comments!

If you want to learn even more about apostrophes, quotation marks, and other grammar-related fun, be sure to check out our FREE workshop. You can use those grammar skills to start your own freelance proofreading business!

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  1. Someone told me on the ARMY’s AMINO app:
    Person: what’s you’re problem
    Me: apparently I am LOL ?
    Person: what
    Me: “you are” I’m not my own problem ?

  2. This one isn’t a misspelling, but it’s noteworthy, and I was there when it happened.

    Had a client, a mid-level manufacturer here in Japan, whose president had spent two or three years in the UK, so he was convinced he was fluent in English. It was time for a new ad campaign, and he wanted to convey that his company led the industry.

    He suggested a visual of geese in a v-formation along with the phrase, “We break the wind.”

  3. “Mark with the Sea” – my guess is that the person ordered the cake over the phone and said: “Mark with a ‘C'”, meaning the guy’s name should’ve been spelled ‘Marc’. However, phonetically, it sounds like what was written instead.

  4. My favorite was seeing a sign on a restaurant that said, “Drive Through Window”. It means something entirely different without the hyphen.

  5. One of my favorites is a classified ad for a child's bunk bed claiming there is "room for one and a fiend."

  6. I am inspired by your course offering and information.

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