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9 Grammar Pet Peeves That Drive Me Crazy!

Updated: January 13, 2020

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  1. Pet peeve:
    Misusing between and among. Just heard it misused on TV last evening.

  2. Here’s a new one for me.
    “De-thaw”. As in, “I need to de-thaw some hamburger for supper.”
    I couldn’t even comment. I stood, mouth open, blinking for 30 seconds, wondering if he was serious or just enjoying my pain….

  3. Try and (instead of try to) should be the number one pet peeve. It’s horrible and it’s used regularly. I believe I hear/read it everyday in the news, both in newspapers as well as televised news.
    I wish teachers would learn this one and teach it to their students.

    Irregardless is another one. Funny!

  4. I wonder if I'm the only person who is infuriated by the use of the letter 'o' instead of the word zero, when a telephone number is being recited.

  5. How about "ideal" when it should be "idea"?
    I still don't like supposably.
    I've also heard a co-worker say she unthawed food.

    1. Oh, WOW, Terri… unthawed. That’s a new one. Ideal/idea are a tricky pair, indeed, and I agree with you on “supposably” !!

  6. When someone says, “what was your name,” it drives me nuts. If you didn’t hear it the first time the person gave their name, you should say “what did you say your name is?” Why would you ask for someone’s maiden or prior name? That’s what you’re doing when you say, “was.”

    Also drives me batty when newscasters say, “duh-tail” instead of “dee-tail.” The word is DETAIL, yet people insist on saying DUH.

    How about when someone says “VE-TRIN” instead of “VET-ER-AN?” The word has three syllables, not two, and there’s no “I” in the word.

  7. My insides curdle when I hear something like, 'I think I'll get these ones'. It's a virtual tie with, "Where did you get those at?'

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