If you are looking for a general or transcript proofreader, you’ve come to just the right place! All the graduates listed have passed their exams and have listed themselves voluntarily on the directory for you to contact should you need a proofreader to help with your content.

You are welcome to contact any of the proofreaders on the directory. Or if you would like to directly reach out to request a proofreader, you can click here to fill out the request form.

Please note that graduates are used to receiving solicitation emails. 

We advise everyone who lists on this directory to be mindful in how they answer solicitation emails.

If you are considering blasting out a bcc: email to everyone on the directory asking for information on how to obtain clients, don’t be surprised if no one answers your email.

We don’t publicize “how to get clients” in any way, shape, or form on this website, and graduates are instructed not to share what they learn with non-students. Graduates worked extremely hard to get where they are, and they have no interest in helping people — even really nice ones! — skip that hard work and go straight to getting clients.

Freely disseminating marketing how-to information can hurt everyone by flooding the market with untrained people looking for shortcuts or a way to save money on real training. We will not be held responsible for that, so we do everything we can to avoid facilitating it.

If you’re wondering if you need training, then you need training. Real training to earn real income takes time and costs money.

Getting clients is the easy part! Learning how to properly perform the work is much, much more difficult. Who cares how many clients you can get if you can’t do the work properly? Do like the graduates on this directory: Learn how to do the work first. 

You can ask the graduates questions about the validity of the industry, as in “Is proofreading a real job?” or “Is Caitlin a real person?”, and ask them to comment on the quality of the course/student community, etc., but do not expect direct answers to the “How do you get clients?” question. They will go unanswered.

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