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My Ex-Neighbor Speaks Out: Can You REALLY Trust Me?!

Updated: June 22, 2017

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  1. What I look for in people is authenticity. I know that sounds a bit trite, so please allow me to explain. I am outgoing, sometimes talk too loudly, and am generally an exciteable person– the more excited I get, the louder I speak — I’m sure everyone has met someone like me. But the big thing is I say what I think. Not everyone likes that, but that’s ok. 🙂 Now I look for other open-book or “authentically themselves” types. I find it very hard to trust a person who always has a secret or won’t share their thoughts on anything. How can you know what a person is about if they don’t speak up? (My mom always said perhaps not everyone wants to know every thought that pops into my brain, but that’s another story ;))

    1. HAHA! It sounds like we’re birds of a feather!! My mom says the same thing. I also “think out loud” a LOT, and I find that it helps me write clearer.

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