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Can You Tell Me EXACTLY How to Get Clients for FREE?

Updated: April 10, 2015

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful response. Correct; no person should work for free. Ever. I totally respect why you’re not giving out that info…. It’d be like giving firecrackers to toddlers who have access to matches! (There’s a visual! Lol.).

    While I praise your response, I am also wary. The reasons to be wary are rampantly saturating the Internet. I’ve gone to the court house, and also spoken to an attorney or two, and I don’t know why, but they always look at me like they have no idea what I’m talking about when I ask about proofreading for court reporters. What’s up with that? If it’s too mysterious, it could deter people from spending money on yet another course that takes them nowhere. Wish there was a way to lift the veil at least a little. After all, I’m not going to be able to get hired IF I DON’T HAVE ANY TRAINING. But at this point, since I can’t even verify that it’s actually a legit job that might be in demand, it’s not likely I’m going to commit to spending money on the course. Hope you can see that point of view.

    1. Hi, Angela! I completely understand your skepticism when it comes to the unknown. I encourage you to take a look at this blog post I wrote to help ease your mind: https://proofreadanywhere.com/is-there-a-demand-for-transcript-proofreaders/

      Also, check out these awesome student success stories for more inspiration: https://proofreadanywhere.com/category/testimonials/student-spotlight/

      Court reporting is an in-demand field. As demand for court reporters increases, so does the demand for excellent transcript proofreaders. 🙂

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