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Top 9 Reasons Court Reporters Love PA Proofreaders

WARNING: This is a little bit of a “tootin’ our own horn” post. I just can’t help it! I’m so proud of what students have accomplished here at Proofread Anywhere, and I love hearing from students and their clients alike on how much PA has changed their lives. For anyone who’s been on the fence about getting started in their own journey, this post is for you.

We’re going to dig deep into the reason PA grads are successful. Why is it they’re able to provide such great service? Why are they able to find tiny errors no one else can? And why are they hired again and again and again? We know exactly why — because of their tough and thorough training, positive mindset, and their serious dedication to hard work!

Below are the top nine reasons court reporters love PA proofreaders.

(Are there more than nine reasons? YEP! But I’ll save those for another post :-))

Here’s why our PA grads are so wildly successfulReason #1: PA Proofreaders have been specifically trained to proofread transcripts.

Not books. Or magazines. Or web content. Not contracts. Not bank ledgers. Transcripts. Proofread Anywhere offers the ONLY course that specifically teaches students how to become transcript proofreaders. Students quickly learn that proofreading transcripts is a completely different animal than proofreading a book or a blog post. Proofreading spoken word is an art, and students spend months studying and learning that art under my expert guidance. We train and transform students into excellent transcript proofreaders.

Reason #2: PA Proofreaders have been tested.

We require a 100% on the midterm exam and 90% on both (yes, there are two!) final exams in order to pass. Simply enrolling in the course does not mean students will automatically get a certificate; they must demonstrate their skills and actually earn it.

We also keep what many newbies would consider the most important information — marketing — under lock and key. We require students to pass all exams and quizzes before receiving access to the marketing material. We use exams as gateways. Didn’t pass? You don’t gain access to the next modules until you do. This not only allows us to preserve our integrity, it ensures students of an… erm… lazier sort don’t enroll and then just skip the first seven modules — and all the practice! — just so they can get to the “how to get clients” information in Module 8. Even better, being up front about our exam policy and testing ensures that the lazier sorts don’t enroll in the course at all. #win

Reason #3: PA Proofreaders have been taught to provide excellent customer service and quick response time.

We stress (and then stress some more) how important communication is when working with court reporters. Students are taught that replying quickly to any job, whether it’s standard turnaround time or a daily, is crucial to their success. Court reporters can expect prompt responses, polite and respectful service, AND openness to constructive criticism.

Reason #4: PA Proofreaders expect CRs to test them, and they DON’T expect to be paid if their work is shown to be unsatisfactory.

Using a PA grad is low risk for a court reporter. Our students have already proofread more than 3,000 pages of actual transcripts during their training. They have no problem completing a test transcript for new clients, and many even offer new clients discounts or proof a small number of pages for free so the court reporter can try them out. You can’t find that anywhere else!

Reason #5: PA Proofreaders are taught to mold to each reporter’s preferences using our state-of-the-art preference sheet.

While we hammer in the importance of knowing and using style guides, we also teach students to work with their clients when it comes to specific preferences. This is where that “proofreading spoken word is an art” theory applies. We know court reporters all have certain preferences when it comes to their transcripts, and our students learn how to adapt their proofreading style to each client’s needs.

Reason #6: PA Proofreaders’ clients love them.

And I mean LOVE THEM.

We receive so many emails, texts, and social media comments from court reporters praising our graduates that we had to create an entire page on our website dedicated to these accolades.

Here’s just a small sampling of a few court reporters giving our students rave reviews:

Reason #7: PA Proofreaders practiced a lot before taking paid work.

Practicing a skill before seeking paid work says a lot about the person practicing. It means they’re dedicated to quality and want to make sure they “get it” and can deliver excellence. They’re not just in it to make fast money. They know that missing critical errors due to, well, not knowing what they’re doing can ruin their reputation, and they don’t want to risk that.

Doing unpaid practice pages allows our students to fine-tune their skills by identifying areas that need improvement. Proofreaders who do not go through any training rarely — if ever — proofread any practice pages; instead, they do all of their “practice” on real work. Practicing on real work puts clients at risk… and when a court reporter’s job is to “guard the record,” risk is the last thing they want or need.

Reason #8: PA Proofreaders have a positive mindset.

In addition to training in doing the work and getting the work (marketing), PA students receive training on self-acceptance, reframing limiting beliefs, and adopting a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset. This means instead of letting fear of what they can’t control get in the way of their success, they focus on what they can control: what’s in their minds. This includes their skills. PA students learn that the confidence they need to make this proofreading thing happen is a natural byproduct of developing solid skills — and they learn that fear will only get in the way if they let it.

Psst! We’ve got lots of FREE mindset-boosting content right here on the blog. Bookmark this page and dig in whenever you need a boost.

Reason #9: PA Proofreaders are always learning.

PA graduates continue learning through various forums, their clients, and the new materials we add to the course on a regular basis. It’s a lifelong learning adventure for them. We’ve also had PA grads take their skills even further by learning how to transcribe, proof to audio, proof within CAT software, and even learn to scope. Our grads know that staying up to date and offering high-quality, professional services to their clients is the best way to stay relevant in the industry and achieve even more success financially.

In Closing… I LOVE Our Grads Too!!

I could not be more proud of our PA graduates! I’m so thrilled that court reporters love PA proofreaders and are just as impressed with their talent as we are here behind the scenes. Our grads are out there totally rocking their proofreading businesses by providing top-notch service to their clients that is second to none.

Your Turn!

Do you have what it takes to become a transcript proofreader? Questions for our grads? Leave a comment below!

P.S. — If you want to become a part of this amazing group of students and graduates, be sure you’ve enrolled in our free 7-day intro course to decide if it’s a good fit for you first. We hope to see you on our Wall of Fame someday. 🙂

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