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Earn Extra Money From Anywhere in the World by Proofreading...

Even if you're starting from scratch.

“I’ve streamlined my proofreading method over the years to be very efficient: this was key to my success as a transcript proofreader, and this was how I was able to thrive with proofreading transcripts as my primary income.”
Hi! I'm Caitlin, and I’m offering a FREE 7-day interactive intro course just for people who want to stop wasting time and start making money doing proofreading.

Included in the 7-day intro course:

The Trickiest Word Quiz

Test your proofreading prowess with the trickiest word quiz ever!

Marketing Strategies

My top seven marketing strategies to expand your influence as a proofreader.

What's the Earning Potential?

We'll talk MONEY and how even newbies can get that first client.

Common Errors

Learn the most common errors "mediocre" proofreaders miss every day!

Biggest Mistakes

Learn the three biggest mistakes freelancers make that could be stunting your potential.


Get tried-and-true solutions to fix those three big mistakes.

Ask Me Anything

You have a daily opportunity to ask me any questions you want about the course content.

Access to Freebies

You receive LOADS of freebies, including videos, printable content, motivating success stories and more -- all designed to help proofreaders get focused and motivated to turn their skills into extra income.

Adrienne Luedeking California

I had been searching for over a year for a job which would meet my criteria. PA (Proofread Anywhere) came along at the moment when I most needed it, and I took the leap.  I've made more than $3,200 in my first month, and I owe my success to you.  You discovered something, and you shared it with the world.  Your generosity has changed my life.  Thank you.